4 reasons to shop consignment

image1image2image3image4Besides being a great place to offload clothes after your next closet clear out, consignment shops are also one of my favourite places to shop. If you’re looking for an excuse to shop, check out my top 4 reasons to discover your local consignment store  below!

  • Unique, affordable and guaranteed. Buying consignment you get the best of both worlds because the piece is generally not selling in stores, and is majorly discounted from the original price. If it’s something designer you’re after, buying from a reputable consignment store means a guarantee of authenticity.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle and give back. Shopping second hand is a much better option for the environment than buying new. Consignment stores give people incentive to let their clothes have a second lease on life, and motivate me to treat my clothing better.
  • Keep money right where you live. Everyone wants to shop in their neighborhood and support local retailers, but consignment stores go even further. Since a percentage of the retail price (around 40%) you pay is going right into the pocket of the original owner, you are literally paying it back to another fashion-loving girl or guy with each purchase!
  • Always something new. Consignment stores are always getting in new products and pulling unsold ones off the floor so you won’t find the same thing twice. Unlike stores that typically have seasonal collections, you will find new stock each time you visit.

The sweater and purse above were both purchased at consignment stores. If you need another nudge, here are my favorite picks to shop at in Vancouver:


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